FlashTool v3.2.00

FlashTool v3.2.00

FlashTool v3.2.00

Программа Flash Tool версии 3.2.0 для прошивки, работы с китайскими сотовыми телефонами Nokia (TV1100i), Fly (MC100, E300, SL200, SL600, SX305, SX240, SX210, SL500i, SL300m, MX300, M100, M130, MX200, B600, B700, Levi'S, MX200i, LX610, SX220, SX300, SX310, SX315, SL400m, SL500m, MX230, MX330, MP300, MP400, MP500, LX600, LX800, TS2040, TS2050, TS2060, 2040i, HUMMER HT2), Sciphone (i168+, i9+++, p168+), LG, Anycool и других на базе процессоров MTK.





Bug fixes:
1. Solve Chip UID boundary condition.
2. Solve SLA_Challenge race-condition issue.
New features:
1. [BROM DLL/UI] EDGE PC Card download
2. [DA/BROM DLL/UI] NOR+DRAM download
3. [DA/BROM DLL/UI] Enhance Memory Test Tool
4. [BROM_DLL/DA] Support MT6226D download.
5. [BROM_DLL/DA] Support MT6223P download.
6. [DA] Supports new NOR Flash device
[ST] M58WR016QT
[ST] M58WR016QB
[ST] M58WR032QT
[ST] M58WR032QB
[INTEL] PF38F60xxM0x0xx
[INTEL] PF38F60xxM0x1xx
1. If Block 0 is bad when NFB downloading, FlashTool will stop and popup error message.
2. When first downloading, Flash checking is obsoleted on Un-secure BB.
3. SEC_RO and CUST_PARA file is automatically selected when scatter file is chosen.
4. FlashTest_AllInOne_DA.bin is obsoleted,
Memory Test feature is integrated into MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin.
Please use new UI to do Memory Test.

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