UFS HWK Support Suite Setup v02.20.000

UFS HWK Support Suite Setup v02.20.000

Сервисная программа для владельцев программатора UFS
HWK Support Suite Setup v02.20.000


Инструкция по установки одного UFS HWK на несколько компьютеров — how to install HWK in other pc

Tutorials on how to install HWK.

(first of all, uninstall your old setup)

1: run "Uninstall HWK Support Suite".
2: run "Uninstall HWK Suite".
3: run "SarasSoft_Emergency_Cleanup.reg"

4: now, install "HWK_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.07.000.exe"
5: run "HWK Update Client v2.0.7.0" and upgrade you hwk.

6: install "HWK_Suite_Setup_v02.07.00.exe"

How to install HWK on another PC.

1: open the registry of the pc where you have upgraded you hwk.

Start -> Run -> type "regedit" enter
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> SarasSoft -> UFS3 (highlight your hardware ID)
now click "File" -> "Export" and save (your hardware ID.reg)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> SarasSoft -> UFS3 (highlight GlobalOptions)
now click "File" -> "Export" and save (GlobalOptions.reg)

now move on to your other pc

2: install "HWK_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.07.000.exe" (no need run and upgrade).
3: copy/paste "your hardware ID.reg" now double click.
4: copy/paste "GlobalOptions.reg" now double click.
5: install "HWK_Suite_Setup_v02.07.00.exe"

this is my own solution and i just want to share this to everybody...this is tested by me.